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Sick and Tired of Wanting a Book and Not Knowing Where to Start?

NEW TRAINING: 3 Keys to Writing a Client-Attracting Book 

These are the exact same principles Suzanne has used to teach over 1,000 people to write a book!

In this training, you will learn:
  • Key #1: How to discover the perfect topic for your book that will have readers eager to work with you
  • Key #2: How your book will position you as an expert (even if you don't feel like one)
  • Key #3: How to use your book as a marketing tool to have people coming to you pre-sold on who you are and what you do

WHEN? This is a recording and you will have access immediately.

What You Will Learn In This Free Online Workshop:
How to Write a Book That Positions You as an Expert
Even if you don't feel like an expert (many people don't - you are not alone), I will show you how you can position yourself as an expert with a few simple but special things you need to include in your book.  
How to Get Set Up & Writing Within an Hour
Yes! I'm going to show you how to get organized so that you can write your book quickly. No more guessing and wondering what to do. I will show you a simple plan you can follow. 
How to Use Your Book as a Marketing Tool
Even before you have written a single word, I will show you how to start promoting yourself as an author so you can get visibility, credibility and exposure for your business.

What People Are Saying About Your Teacher, Suzanne Doyle-Ingram...

"I'd Recommend Suzanne a Thousand Times Over!"

"This program was an answer to my prayer, and the missing piece to the puzzle of externalizing what was in my head/heart.
Suzanne helped answer so many questions I had about where to start, how to organize my process and where to find the resources to see my book realized. I’d recommend Suzanne a thousand times over!" 

-Rheanna Arfsten

"Suzanne Makes it So Simple"

"Working with Suzanne Doyle-Ingram was the greatest pleasure. When you think of writing a book, your thoughts revolve around the finished product but oftentimes you have no idea what kind of process is needed to get to the finish product. Suzanne makes it so simple that you will feel like you could write a trilogy in your sleep! My colleague referred me to Suzanne and I can tell you that Suzanne was honest, reliable, hard-working, and most importantly took pride in her work. I can say she never disappointed!"

-Anekia Boatwright-McGhee

"She Exceeded My Expectations"

"If you want your book to be a success, call Suzanne. If you have a message and you want to share it in a book, call Suzanne. If you want to work with a professional who has your back, call Suzanne. There are not many people who never let you down. Suzanne Doyle-Ingram is one of the people in my world who has never let me down. She's exceeded my expectations at each step. Thank-you, Suzanne."  

-Lynn Williams

"Thank You, Suzanne, For What You Do"

“Suzanne, I just wanted to let you know that because of YOU, I continue to give away my first book almost weekly, as a free gift to prospective parents who are interested in music lessons at my school. Because of YOU I wrote my second book and yesterday I posted it as my opt-in and 100 people have requested it!!!! Cannot even believe it. What a great way to build my list. Thank you, Suzanne, for what you do.”

– Jen Hickle, Author of Happy Kids, Growing Biz

"Suzanne is a Person You Want to Hang Out With"

"My biggest fear before joining the program was not being able to deliver on the challenge. I have a full life of kids and building a business so I thought, 'Oh no, one more thing!'  However, I was able to carve out the time needed to write and now I have a book written. Whohoo!  
Also, Suzanne is incredible. She is not only an expert but a person you want to hang out with and learn from."

-Kim Standeven

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