Have You Thought About Writing a Book, But Then Realized You Have No Idea Where to Start?
Do you ever wonder how other people seem to be able to write books effortlessly and it makes you think, “I could NEVER do that!”

There’s nothing worse than knowing that you want to do something but feeling completely stuck and overwhelmed. I mean, writing a book is a huge endeavor, right?

And if you’re not a "real writer," then how could you ever write a book?
You may be thinking… 
 * Who would ever want to read it? 
 * What would I write about? 
 * Who would even care?

My name is Suzanne Doyle-Ingram and I am here to help you write a book. I have written and co-written 17 books and I have helped hundreds of others do the same.
But here’s the thing – I am a single mother of 3 and I own my own business… It’s not like I sit around all day, eating bon-bons in my luxury villa and writing for hours. (As if!) I have no time for that! 

I run my businesses during the day while my kids are at school, then after school, I drive them all over town to gymnastics, dance, Jiu Jitsu and swimming lessons. It’s crazy busy!

I know that you’re busy too. I get it.

When I first started writing books it was out of desperation. My marketing company took a nosedive in 2010 because of the economy. Nobody was spending any money on marketing. Everyone was tightening their purse strings and I lost an income of $100,000/yr almost overnight.

I was freaking out!!!

Here’s the part where I should tell you – I am not a “real writer.” To me, “real writers” are people who live and breathe to write. They get up in the morning and all they can think about is writing. At the end of the day they feel sad if they didn’t get enough time to write. 

That is definitely not me!

Having said that, I decided to write a book. Only because I had heard that people were making money with Kindle so I thought maybe I could too.

Long story short – I researched what was trending (using my marketing background), and I wrote a gluten free cookbook.

Full Disclosure (this is embarrassing): I actually wrote it under a pen name because I thought if it totally bombed I didn’t want anyone to know it was ME! (That’s how insecure I was about the whole thing.)

But guess what happened? It became a #1 Best Seller! (see screenshot below)
That was pretty cool, I must admit.
It was actually quite addictive… so I wrote 4 more books in the same series and they all became best sellers too. (By this point I was thinking, “This is soooo easy…”)


I decided that my next book would be on a topic that was truly important to me: helping women business owners.

I decided to write a series of books called See Jane Grow and focus on a different aspect of business growth strategies in each book.

The first one was called “See Jane Grow: How To Establish Yourself as an Expert In Your Industry.”

I launched it on Amazon and guess what happened?

Absolutely NOTHING! No sales. No reviews. No nothing.

It was a total BOMB. The only thing coming from Amazon was the sound of crickets.

I was so disappointed. I began to wonder if I even knew what I was doing…

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I did wrong…

I was spinning my wheels and wasting my time obsessing over it.

Has this ever happened to you? When you thought for sure something was going to work out? And the it totally failed? 

It was so upsetting!

As I was wallowing in my self-pity… one day, out of the blue, the phone rang.

To cut another long story short, it was a non-profit foundation that had funding for a project to help women entrepreneurs succeed.

I nearly jumped out of my chair!!!

I said, “I wrote a book about that! I want to help women entrepreneurs too!”
Lo and behold, I got a contract to coach women entrepreneurs for the next 5 months.

Are you ready to hear the whole point of my story?

Here it is: I made more money from that one contract than I did with all my book royalties from the prior six months!!

Do you get what I mean by that?

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

I quickly realized something. You can spend all day trying to sell books one at a time so you can make a dollar each time… OR you can forget about the book sales and use your book to attract high paying clients and contracts.

And then do you know what happened next?

I became an Authority on writing books and publishing. I didn't start out to be one. It just sort of happened.

People started asking me how to do it.

At first I said, “It’s easy. You just write a book.”

But that was not helpful because it made people feel like, “Oh sure, it’s easy for YOU but not for ME.”

So I sat down and analyzed what I had done. Remember, I am not a writer. 

I do happen to have a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics but that just means I’m a bit of a geek and I’m good at grammar ;)

I realized that I actually had a system! If I wrote 7 books in 2012, while working full time and raising three kids, I obviously had figured out a way of writing quickly.

I decided to put on a workshop in my little town to see if I could teach others my system.

YUP! It worked! My students actually wrote books and got them up on Amazon!
Watch What My Client Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas Has to Say About Working With Me:
Check Out These Screenshots of a Few of my Clients' Books

Karen Webb

Karen is a teacher who wrote a book for parents and it became a best seller on Amazon. She followed my system and it worked!

Dr. Jody Cox

Jody is a Chiropractor who joined my program and wrote a book called "A Better Way." It became a best seller on Amazon under Chiropractic.

Nancy Marshall

Nancy Marshall came to every group coaching call and her book ended up being featured as a Hot New Release on Amazon!
PAY ATTENTION: If These People Can Do It, You Can Too! They all work full-time and they are all super busy just like you and me...
"I have already gotten the 
attention of some new clients... 
The book has positioned me as a national 
expert in public relations."
- Nancy Marshall, the PR Maven
There are so many benefits to becoming a published author. Nowadays, it’s the best way to stand out from your competition and position yourself as an authority

When you write a book, you can:
  • Position yourself as an Authority
  • Get featured in Local and National Media
  • Get booked as a speaker
  • Fill your workshops (heck, you can even create a workshop from your book, or vice versa)
  • Attract new clients easily
  • Give prospects a copy of your book as a 'leave behind' (People may lose your business card, but you can be assured they will not lose your book!)
  • Donate copies of your book as a door prize at an event 
  • Increase your revenue in so many ways!
Cindy Taylor is a Coach who joined my program and quickly wrote her book and is now using it to attract new clients into her programs....
Why Write A Book?
  • As a business professional or entrepreneur, you know how important it is to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. By becoming a published author, not only will you be perceived as an expert, but your customers and prospects will see you as credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy. 
  • 96% of Business Owners saw a "significant increase in business"  after writing a book. Not from the book sales, from the new clients! (*According to Forbes.com)
  • "Positioning yourself as an authority is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to the marketplace." (Huffington Post, March 2014)
  • Being known as an expert means that new customers will look for you, instead of you having to be constantly looking for new customers.
So now you might be thinking... Alright, these people all wrote a book, but how am I supposed to do it???
INTRODUCING: The Expert Author Program
The program that they all used to write their books is called The Expert Author Program. It is entirely designed and delivered by me.
It's an on-demand program that teaches you every single thing you need to know to write your book, from start to finish.

No idea? No worries. I will teach you how to figure out what to write about.

No time? It's ok. Everyone thinks they don't have time but I will teach you how to find the time. 

There are 24 lessons that teach you:
  • How to Discover Your Purpose - And how this will keep you on track
  • Three Easy Methods For Writing Your Book - So simple you will kick yourself for not writing a book years ago!
  • How to Include Social Proof In Your Book - Not boring testimonials
  • Why Credibility & Vulnerability Matter - And how to include them without sounding like you're bragging... or worse, like you're weak...
  • How To Write Your Outline - This is the MOST important step!!
  • Understanding Your Reader - And how to make each reader feel like you're writing directly to him or her
  • Images - What to do and what not to do (get this wrong and you're in big trouble)
  • Cover Design - I'll show you how to do it yourself for free or  who you can hire for a reasonable price for professional design
  • Finding Time to Write - You really can find the time to write; I'll show you a whole new way to structure your day!
  • The Program also includes tips on Grammar, Elements of Style and how to structure your book...
And then... when your book is finished...
  • Formatting & Layout - I show you exactly how to format your book to look 100% professional (or tell you who to hire to do it for you - cheap)
  • Amazon - Then I show you the totally free and simple way to get your book listed on Amazon
  • Ordering Copies - I also show you how to order copies of your book for $3 or $4 a piece.
The Expert Author Program is designed for busy professionals like you and me.

It's completely self-paced. You can log in and watch a video lesson or listen to an audio lesson, then download the homework. You might do three lessons in one week and then take two weeks off. Some people barrel through and get their book done within a few months. Some people take a year. It's your choice.

Once you are a member, you have access to the program for life.

Here's what JoAnne Marlowe said:

Before joining the Expert Author Program,  my biggest fear was that I couldn’t get my book done in a timely manner or market it. I started writing my first book, and after 450 pages, put it aside for a more relevant and shorter one that Suzanne suggested. I finished it in four months and it went best seller by June! I’m working on a series now! 

Suzanne was incredibly positive and supportive. Each [member of the group] had time to listen to each other's concerns and with Suzanne’s expertise, she guided the writer out of the issue and into possibilities. We all learned from each other’s experiences and fears and appreciated the input of the “mastermind” group.  

Suzanne takes each client seriously and sees them through from start to finish. She will be there for you when you need extra information, advice or support and will always be positive and provide options. She’s first class! 
What People Are Saying...

Angela Rae

"Words can't express my gratitude. I feel like this after every live session 'oh wow! That's EXACTLY what I need to know about writing a book right now!' You solve my tech problems and my emotional ones too! You are a miracle worker. Thank you for taking on the challenge that is me."

- Angela Rae, Interior Designer

Jen Hickle

"I just wanted to let you know that because of YOU, I continue to give away my first book almost weekly, as a free gift to prospective parents who are interested in music lessons at my school. Because of YOU I wrote my second book and yesterday I posted it and 100 people have requested it!!!! Cannot even believe it. What a great way to build my list. Thank you, Suzanne, for what you do."

- Jen Hickle, Rogers School of Music

S. T. James

"Suzanne, I just want you to know that the information you provided with your course on how to write a book and publish it was invaluable to me. Following your step by step guidance was the best advice I could have received. I am proud to say that my book is now available at Amazon! Thanks again. I appreciate all your help and inspiration!"

- S. T. James
Once you become a published author, wonderful opportunities come your way
I want to invite you to join The Expert Author Program now. Make this year the one that changes everything for you.

Imagine... holding your book in your hands... running your hand over the beautiful cover... Imagine the feeling of accomplishment and the immense pride you will feel...

Imagine what your parents, your partner and your kids will think...

Your book is an ASSET you will have forever. Calling yourself a published author is something that no one can ever take away from you. It's something you can use to your advantage for years and years to come.

Think of it this way: If a radio host wanted to have an expert on their show, would they rather introduce their guest as "Jane Smith, Author of "The XYZ Factor" or just Jane Smith? They NEED the credibility that authors have. They believe you're an expert if you wrote a book. It's just the way it is.

The Expert Author Program has been closed for months and it has only recently opened to new members. I highly recommend you get in now while you can. 
"Suzanne, How Much Does It Cost??"
The short answer is... it depends. There are two levels to The Expert Author Program. One is where we guide you to write your book and show you how to self publish it, and the other is where we guide you to write your book and we publish it under our brand and launch it for you on Amazon. The best thing to do is schedule a call with us and we'll help you figure out which package is best for you.  

Ask Yourself: How much is it worth for you to write a book? How much business will that bring? How will your revenue increase if you become a published author?

Your book is an asset that is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. 

So if you are serious about writing a book, schedule a call NOW to discuss the Expert Author Program and let's get it done!

This Program Works!!

You are fully protected by my 30 day guarantee. Try it and see if you like what you see. If you're not completely satisfied, let me know within the first 30 days and I'll refund every cent. 

We look forward to helping you realize your 
dream of writing a book!

Prominence Publishing, Inc. @ 2021 - The Expert Author Program