Are You Ready to Publish Your Book and Start Attracting New Clients?
Are you worried about figuring out how to do everything? 
Are you afraid that your book will look unprofessional?
Your worries are over because we will do it all for you!
Bobby Sampsons,
Founder of
"I could have learned how to format and upload my newest book myself. But it was so much easier to have you do it for me! You did an awesome job. I am so happy to be working with you, Suzanne!" 
- Jude LeMoine, Author of Puppy Training For Kids
Before You Spend Thousands of Dollars With "Those Other Guys"...
If I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone tell me that they spent $20,000 to self publish their book and didn't even get a copy, I'd be rich! As time goes on, I see more and more people getting ripped off by these so-called "Self Publishing" companies. They take control of every aspect of your book, they ask for more and more money, and you get NOTHING in return. Quite frankly I am sick of it!

My name is Suzanne Doyle-Ingram and I have published 13 of my own books and countless books for others. I have a variety of online courses that teach authors how to write and publish their books. Even after learning how to do it themselves, many authors come to me and say, "Please! Just take it and get it done for me!" They really don't want to mess around with the finicky technical stuff. They want to get back to doing what they love: Writing. 

Lucky for them, I love publishing their books for them!

The truth is: It does not cost $20,000 to self publish a book. There are 2 (and only 2) ways to publish your book.

1. You can seek out a traditional publisher and ask them to publish your book. You will need an agent and you will very likely get rejected over and over again until you find a publisher (if ever). 


2. You can independently publish your book. You can control every part of your book, from the cover design to the back matter. You can do this yourself (after you figure out how) or you can hire someone to do it for you.
"Without your expertise and guidance, this would not have been possible..."
Karen Webb
"Thank you for taking my book off my hands and getting it up on Amazon. I really appreciate your hard work!"
Charlene Sanjenko
"Words can't express my gratitude. You are a miracle worker."
Angela Rae
Here Are Some of the Many Books We Have Worked On
How Would You Like All This 
Done For You?
  • Proof Read Your Entire Book - We catch all the mistakes you missed
  • Professionally Edit Your Book - Our job is to make you look good and therefore your book needs to be professionally edited.
  • Professionally Format Your Book - So that it doesn't look self published
  • Create a Kindle Version of Your Book - Why leave money on the table?
  • Create Your Table of Contents - Most people struggle with this awful chore
  • Create ALL Your Accounts - This will allow us to easily get your book listed on Amazon 
  • Professional Cover Design - For your paperback book AND your Kindle version
  • Set Up Your Amazon Sales Page - When people read these pages, we want them to BUY - so they have to be done right, and properly optimized to match the way people are searching for your topic
  • Strategize on Pricing - There is a fine art to pricing. Too high and no one buys - too low and no one values it
  • Get Your Book Listed on all Amazon sites - We can't forget about Canada, France, Spain, the UK, Brazil and Japan!
  • Help Get Your ISBN - We make this easy for you
  • Set Up Your Author page - If this isn't done properly, it makes you look unprofessional
Then, after your book is live on Amazon...
  • We help you with your launch
  • We make your book a best seller on Amazon (Guaranteed!)
  • We give you marketing materials that you can use on Social Media
  • We get you interviewed on at least one podcast
  • We write a press release announcing you as a best selling author and syndicate it all over the USA
  • We teach you exactly what to post on social media about your book (so you don't annoy people)
  • We help you determine the best way to use your book to increase business
  • Best of all, you have direct access to Suzanne Doyle-Ingram :)
Let's Recap
You send us your finished book. 
Our editor edits it from top to bottom. 
We format it for paperback and Kindle. 
We create your Amazon & Kindle accounts.
We design the covers (you need 2 - one for Print and one for Kindle)
We write your Amazon salespage
We choose your keywords. 
We choose your Amazon categories.
We set up your Amazon author profile.
Upon your approval and 100% satisfaction, we submit your book to Amazon and get it listed on all Amazon properties.
We help you with your book launch.
We make it a best seller on Amazon.
We write and syndicate a press release.
We give you images and marketing materials. 
Everything is done for you! 
We make it easy and painless to publish your book. 
Best of all, you OWN all the rights! 
Are you ready to get started?
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